Calico_holy_symbol.jpgChaotic Good God of Luck & Freedom

Legend says that Calico never meant to become a god. He was a human pirate captain and adventurer. One night while at port in one of the Color Islands he and his crew were drinking, singing, and partying loudly, they noticed an odd colored mystical veil over a nearby cave. Taking a bet from his raucous crew he ventured into the cave very alone and very drunk. On the next morning Calico emerged from the cave a god and with no clue how it even happened.

His new divine existence is much like his mortal one. He spends most of his time on Saga, going to different taverns to drink much wine and bed many women, and generally not doing anything he doesn’t want to. He is friendly, unashamed, and outgoing. He loves drinking, games, bar brawls and delights in freedom. As a former adventurer, he believes in fair recompense for a job well done, whether paid in gold, drink, or a tumble in the hay with a willing wench. Having had his share of hard times as a mortal he’s not above helping someone for free now and again or donating some generous loot when someone really needs it.

As god of luck he helps those with no skill and pulls butts out of the fire when someone was a bit over their head. Calico feels no shame in retreat or leaving well enough alone sometimes. He may be a god of adventurers but not reckless stupidity. He also hates slavery as the god of Freedom. He has a friendly rivalry with The Raven Queen as she is the goddess of fate. Some say its because she is spurned his advances, though none in his priesthood would say such a thing.

His church doesn’t have any real organization since the god of freedom attracts priests who generally don’t like being told what to do. Sometimes the god has to send visions to his priests in their dreams to get them to meet with each other and decide on important matters.


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