correlon_symbol.jpgChaotic Neutral God of Art & Autumn

Corellon is the patron of elves and a master of magic and warfare. He is credited as being the god of autumn, a time when his more artistic side emerges and he paints the landscape in vibrant colors. He is the enemy of Gruumsh for they have a long and violent history. It is said that Corellon after the dawn war came into conflict with the wrath god and had many epic battles. During which at one of them the god of art took Gruumsh’s eye with a deep cut from his longsword.

Corellon is the creator of the fey races and as such sees much worship in The Feywild. He is the
planter of the first forests and the fey that inhabit them. He is worshiped by artists as well as mages who view their magic as an art. He is brother to both Sira and Lloth. When Lloth started to show corruption after the dawn war it was he and Sira who battled her and cast Lloth to The Abyss. He has had a bitter rival ever since. After the conflict Corellon made Sira his bride.

Corellon wishes that his followers seek beauty in whatever they do. That he is the bounty of harvest that will keep them safe through winter. His symbol is an eight pointed star on a blue field.


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