Cormyr.jpgThe land of virtue, Cormyr is a small island kingdom to the east of Golarion. Ruled by a just king, the nation has an ongoing animosity towards Varisia. Caused by past wars where Cormyr has hosted holy crusades and Varisia has sought to extend it’s control through subterfuge of Cormyr’s courts. Varisia is also very interested in Cormyr’s fertile farmland. The landscape of Cormyr is gentle rolling hills and verdant fields, with several large forests. Cool and damp most of the year it is also lousy with fog. There is a thin veil to the planes of the more good denizens of the Astral Sea. It has seepage from Celestia and Heaven. The leakage from these planes have caused a change in many of the Human denizens to become a new race, the Aasimar. Although the planes are good in nature they are nonetheless dangerous. Wild creatures native to Cormyr have taken on aspects of the planes and gained supernatural powers making them more than a threat.

Cormyrans mostly worship The Silver Flame. In the past Cormyr sought to extend it’s control into Varisia through the guise of holy crusades. The last war between the two nations was fought almost 150 years ago. Although they declared peace and both nations signed the treaty of 2977 Third Age. Although it’s really been more of an uneasy cease fire than actual peace. Many believe the political climate is heading toward another all out open war.

The King of Cormyr is Azoun Windsor IV. He is seen as a good and just king and defender of the people. He personally fought at the head of the knights in conflicts against dangers of the realm in his youth. He is an accomplished soldier, swordsman, and tactician. He is also adept at dealing with the nobles of his land. He is advised by the Archmage Vangerdahast. The two are seen as an unstoppable combo for ensuring safety and prosperity of the nation.

One thing that is important for adventurers is the royal charter. Cormyr keeps close tabs on those who wander around armed and sometimes with magic items. Especially those with no more seeming purpose than seeking adventure. You need a royal charter in order to adventure and carry weapons or magic items in the country. If you do not have one you can and will be apprehended by any force representing the king. Charters can be obtained in many of the cities and are issued to a “Company of freeswords or adventurers”. All pathfinder guilds and freelance adventurers must have this as well as mercenaries. You must wear the arms or badge of your company at all times. This is never a problem for the Pathfinder lodges as members are tattooed with their lodge symbol. Change in roster must be reported immediately. While within cities weapons must be peacebonded.

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