Gruumsh_symbol.jpgChaotic Evil God of Wrath & Destruction

Gruumsh wants nothing less than destruction through war and murder. He is the God of Wrath and he has no allies among the Gods, but he especially hates Corellon. His hatred of the Autumnblade stems from many ancient battles one in particular where it is said the god took his eye. Gruumsh is patron of orcs. He is a deity of the Dark Six.

Nishrek was once a dimension in the Astral Sea, until Gruumsh used all of his power to throw his entire realm (literally) at Chernoggar in an attempt to defeat Bane and become the God of War. The two dimensions fused together after the impact, and the two Gods have been in an eternal state of war ever since. Gruumsh lives in Chernoggar now, in a tower of skulls in the middle of what was once Nishrek. It is rumored, but never proven, that other Gods helped Gruumsh when he threw Nishrek at Chernoggar in an attempt to defeat, or at least distract, Bane to prevent the Black Lord from invading other realms.

The Orc God has no allies amongst the other Gods. Gruumsh is rumored to have had an alliance (and possibly more) with Lloth, but if this is true it ended badly for him as he hates Lolth as well.His greatest rivalry is with Bane. The war between the two has lasted eons; it follows a pattern of victories by Bane driving the Orcs back towards Nishrek, only to suddenly attack with a bizarre ploy that scatters Bane’s ranks and pushes them back. A handful of times, Gruumsh has actually laid siege to The Black Hand’s fortress in Chernoggar, but has never stood a chance of success. It is said that the war between the two of them will never end due to their natures; Bane will never surrender to Gruumsh, which keeps the God of Destruction more determined than ever to crush him.


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