Languages of Eberron

Common – The World Trade language
Dwarven – Spoken in Chult
Elven – Spoken in Sembia
Draconic – Spoken in Galt and by draconic creatures
Orcish – Spoken in Karrnath

Languages of Golarion

Varisian – Language of Varisia
Untheric – Language of Unther
Argoss – Language of Argonessen
Cormyran – Language of Cormyr
Quori – Language of Dal-Quor
Shou – Language of Rokugan
Manda – Language of The Mwangi Expanse

Languages of Iomandra

Dwarven – Spoken by the remaining Dwarves
Elven – Spoken by the remaining Elves
Giant – Spoken by the remaining Goliaths

Languages of the Planes

Abyssal – Language of Demons
Celestial – Language of Celestials, angels, and other outsiders
Infernal – Language of Devils
Necril – Language of the dead, spoken in the Shadowfell
Primordial – Language of elementals, and primordials
Supernal – Language of the Gods
Sylvan – Spoken by Fey, Language of the Feywild

Secret Languages

Pathfinder sign language
Thieves Cant


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