Mwangi Places of Note

Sargava – A colony first established by Cormyr in the western reaches of the Expanse. Made of multiple cities with Eleder as the capitol.

Bloodcove – A pirate haven city on the northern coast of the Expanse. Free pirates come here
to rest on voyages and spend their ill gotten gains on debauchery. The Aspis
Consortium holds power here, as a port to sell their goods stolen from the
Mwangi. An unusual peace between the free captains and the consortium exists
here that is not found anywhere else. After all whoever heard of merchants and
pirates working together.

The Bandu Hills – A region that is home to hungry spirits, angry dead, and viscous predators
changed by the veil to the Feywild.

Kibwe – An oasis where the various tribes and monstrous peoples come together to trade.

The Screaming Jungle – A jungle filled with man eating plants and millions of monkeys that
reside in the canopy. The sound can be heard for miles before you
can even see the jungle.

Usaro – The city of demon worshiping intelligent gorillas.

Mwangi Places of Note

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