The Raven Queen

raven_queen_symbol.jpgNeutral God of Death, Fate, & Winter

While she is cold and distant to mortals The Raven Queen is not evil. She is a god that inspires much fear but it is do more to her domains than her deeds. For mortals fear death, and The Raven Queen the guide of their souls. She is the Goddess of Fate, and none can escape fate. The Raven Queen is the biting cold of winter, which symbolizes the end of things. The Raven Queen looms large in folklore, and most mortals have heard tales concerning her rise to power, her victory over the God of the Dead, and her subsequent flight to the underworld, that gloomy realm called The Shadowfell. The particulars in each tale vary, but the important elements never change. Their telling and retelling cement the deity’s place in the imaginations and fears of those who dwell beneath her cold scrutiny. The Raven Queen elicits loathing and love, occupying a contradictory place, but a coherent one all the same when viewed through a mythological lens.

Legends say that during the Second Age, she was a mortal somewhere on Saga. That she battled the God of Death and took his domain for herself. Then stole the domain of Fate for herself, from Lloth, while helping Corellon The Autumnblade. Sometime after that she found the lost domain of Winter. It was during this time during her ascension that she took on the title The Raven Queen and erased all knowledge and evidence of her mortal name. During the Third Age when the veil of The Shadowfell leaked through on Varisia creating Shadar-Kai She became the new races Patron.

The Raven Queen has many enemies, chief among them are The Keeper, Content Not Found: orcus_, and the _Content Not Found: prince-of-frost. The Demon Prince Orcus wants to destroy The Raven Queen so that he may take her dominion over death and become a God himself. The Keeper scours The Planes for knowledge of her mortal name, for he believes that is the key to slaying her, and becoming ruler over both the dead and undead. The Prince of Frost is the leader of the Winter Fey and the Winter Court yearns for her portfolio of Winter. So that he may cover Saga in a never ending ice age. The Raven Queen also counts Calico amongst her rivals. The two do not hate each other but there is a bittersweet rivalry with each other. Calico as the God of Luck loves to intervene when fates cannot be changed. She believes no one can escape the path set before them, while Calico feels one should be the master of ones own destiny. It is also believed among both churches that since both were reputed to have been mortals there is a rivalry stemming for that. Those outside the churches feel this is more of two beings in love who cannot resolve their feelings for each other. Though if you mention this to the faithful, The Raven Queens followers will give scornful looks and harsh words as to why their Goddess could not love such a carefree fool and will refuse aid. If in the presence of Calico’s faithful you will be punched, very hard, in the face.

The Raven Queen

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