download.jpgThe Pathfinder Society is a loose organization of adventure guilds. Dedicated to looking through the lost ruins of the old world and empires, finding treasures and cataloging unseen sights while defeating great monsters. Each Guild takes it’s own logo and a lodge. Each lodge is run by a Venture Master, who is in charge of the lodges members, applicants to join, job ranks, and the public face of the lodge. Lodges attitudes are dependent on the Pathfinders who join. Some are filled with heroes who fight for the common good. While some are composed of members who just wish for power. Most do general good deeds while trying to live a decent life and uncover the mysteries of the world, while still making some coin of course. The creation of a new lodge is indeed rare, but not so rare that it never happens. If wanting to create a new lodge you must be reviewed by the current Venture Masters of the region and a vote taken. A person wishing to apply must be in good standing with the Guild and an Elite member, current or retired. After approval one must choose a city, town, or village and get approval to have a lodge built there. Usually this is not a problem as most places will jump at the chance to have a lodge in their town. Lodges bring in travel good income from taxes and general protection from the evils inside and outside the city. However, although rare, some places have refused the request. Typically under the basis that it would bring undue danger. All lodges tend to serve the greater good and they must have members that actively explore. Most discoveries are minute or unimportant but the point is exploration.

Each member is provided with a tattoo that is magically applied to their skin that displays their lodge. And they are issued a wayfinder. A wayfinder is a magical compass that not only gives defensive benefits to the member, but also acts as a sort of recorder. Keeping track of that members adventures for later documentation. It is also a compass. Members also receive access to a banking system, the ability to take jobs where they are paid more than non members who might take the same job. On account of members being considered “professionals”. They also receive easier access to healing and powerful rituals such as raise dead and magic items. Finally members are also documented in the local pathfinder chronicles. Which makes their exploits known to all those who read it. It’s presented in gazetteer form and the stories are taken from members wayfinders and translated into reading material. Pathfinder chronicles are popular sells to the populace who treat members like celebrities and legends, or local folk heroes. The members must submit 10% of all treasure found. Elite members must submit only 5%, on account of their esteem of climbing the ranks as well as the fact that 5% of the treasure they tend to bring back dwarfs almost all other members contributions for a month.


Black Sheep of Fallcrest
Drunken Rabbits of Saltmarsh
Sleeping Bears of Silverymoon


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