Varisia.jpgVarisia is a kingdom on the mainland in central Golarion. It has a thin veil to the Shadowfell. As such from long time exposure with the Shadowfell led about 20% of the all human population to become influenced by the plane of death. This of course led to these people becoming Shadar-Kai. Varisa is divided up into several counties and baronies but since the fall of the last civilizations they are separated by great swaths of wild land and have little communication with the capitol.

Varisia is in a cool temperate region with many hills and swamps. It is bordered by Unther to the south. Currently the kingdom has hostilities with the island nation of Cormyr. Things have not come to open warfare yet, but many are wandering when not if.

The most common religions in Varisia are the Silver Flame and worship of Content Not Found: the-raven-queen. Most other religeons are tolerated, But the region does have it’s issues with various death cults.

The nation is ruled by Queen Isabella II, a human woman who is known to be both intelligent and cunning. Some say that the squabbles between the country’s royalty is kept up by her to keep the other nobles off balance and keep the more ambitious ones from a coup.

The people of Varisia are hardy and superstitious. They have quite a large amount of faith in the gods because of the need of protection from the undead that continually encroach on their homes. For they believe that someone who becomes undead, such as a zombie or vampire, that ones soul is lost to become property of the keeper, and only a ritual death can free them.


Arkham County


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